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Reservations and Information
Everyday from 10:00 to 19:00
Cell phone and WhatsApp - 444 2083368 and 444 3399777
$1,000 pesos per person per night (Max 8 People)

$600 pesos per person (up to 5 hours)

SPECIAL EXCURSIONS: Request information


The excursion is based on the experience of living in total contact with nature and we strive to make this contact as less invasive as possible.

The specialty of our experience is bird photography, BIRDING, for which we have 4 observatories in the area of ​​houses at distances of 20, 50, 100 and 500 meters. In addition to more than 700 hectares of temperate forest where you can practice all kinds of photography. for


We have several options for routes in gaps that are covered exclusively on foot in the mountains, being essential the assistance of one of our local guides.

This experience is compatible with the photo trapping program that we carry out on the property. All of the above decided and defined by yourselves based on your physical condition and desire for exercise.

Rest and recreation in a more private way

You can be in the area of ​​houses or move short distances if that is your desire without assistance to have more privacy. The guide will be at your service during the day.

The services we are offering in this 2021 season are the following:

1.- Stay in a house with 2 bedrooms with 2 bunk beds each, 1 full bathroom, 1 kitchen-breakfast area, 2 terraces. Maximum capacity of 8 people.
2.- Hot water with solar heater. Amount subject to solar radiation.
3.- Electric Power of 120 volts. Amount subject to solar radiation.
4.- Bedding and Towels.
5.- Crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils.
6.- Cleaning of Bedrooms, Bathroom and Kitchen in the morning.
7.- Assistance and guide for walks and photography outings during the day.
8.- Firewood needed for grills.
9.- Internet communication from the main house.
10.- Telephone communication restricted only to certain telephone services (AT&T) and in certain areas of the ranch.
11.- Jug water to drink in the kitchen

Regulations for Hikers

1.- Do not bring or carry any firearm
2.- Do not bring pets of any kind.
3.- Be aware that you are in a very isolated area with fauna that can be harmful and even fatal if you do not take the proper precautions.
4.- Do not move away from the area of ​​houses, without the accompaniment of the Guide-Assistant since it is very easy to get disoriented in this type of wooded vegetation.
5.- Do not light bonfires outside the area of ​​the houses and only in the grills that exist for this. We must avoid the risk of forest fires.

What we do not provide:

1.- No kind of food and drinks. Travel with what you need.
2.- We do not provide refrigeration at the moment. Bring the right coolers for your stay. In a nearby town 15 minutes by car you can usually get ice.
3.- We do not have any kind of insurance or medical assistance for hikers. By the very nature of this type of excursion, everyone stays at their own risk.
4.- We do not provide any type of transportation, both to get to the ranch and within it.
5.- Laundry service is not provided.


1.- The means of transport can be from a compact car to a Pick-Up truck and we have had excursions on Motorcycles and Mountain Bikes, of all kinds.
2.- Fill gas tank at the last gas station before leaving the road, especially if you plan to move around the area by vehicle.
3.- Bring a digital camera with a minimum zoom of 300 mm or more.
4.- Appropriate clothing for the climate of the moment. Especially in the rainy season.
5.- Bring the insect repellent of your preference, especially in the rainy and hot season.
6.- Report your degree of experience in Camping and Nature Excursions.

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