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In 1984 the family buys the ranch located in the Sierra Madre Oriental in the State of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, thinking of a conventional cattle ranch.

In 1991 noticing the last vestiges of local fauna (macaw, deer white-tailed, peccarys, Cougar, Bobcat, etc...) the family decided to start a reserve to protect the wildlife and promote its repopulation creating a UMA to such destination.

As a result, we have

* An extensive population of free macaws, protected and cared for by us, that has flourished and spread out across the municipality and surrounding communities.
* More than 60 species of resident and migratory birds detected and photographed.
* Large populations of deer tail white, wild boars, squirrels, rabbits... which has caused:
* The arrival of Alpha predators as: mountain cat, 3 pumas and 1 jaguar detected in the area.

After being a private residence for family and Friends, in 2016 a decisión was made to turn the ranch into a self sufficient ecoturism destination. This way, we can share our haven with the rest of the world and benefit the local residents.

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Rancho Las Guacamayas

Office Location:
Salvador Nava Martinez #3280
San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi

Ranch Location:
San Nicolas Tolentino, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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Cel: +52 1 (444) 204 87 47
Oficina: +52 (444) 254 53 28

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